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General Content and Format

The NMRA Bulletin is composed of three types of information:
Each issue's cover is emblazoned with this masthead.


The NMRA Bulletin welcomes articles, photographs and other model railroad or railroad-related contributions.

Articles - Preparing material for the NMRA Bulletin


Club Car lists events at various levels and is sorted by geography and alphabetical order. Club Car is provided as a service to our readers. There is no charge for an event listing in Club Car. However, listings run on a space-available basis. Address all notices to:
Club Car, P.O. Box 1, Canal Winchester, OH, 43110.
Deadlines: Notices must arrive 90 days in advance of the first issue in which you wish them to appear. For example, the deadline for the April issue is January 1. NMRA activities have priority. New club notices and membership open run for a year.
Notices must be typed, double-spaced, in the following format or they may be rejected. Also include the signature and address of the person submitting the information.


All advertising inquiries should be directed to Bulletin Advertising Department. The NMRA Bulletin reserves the right to refuse or drop advertising for any reason. Advertising in the NMRA Bulletin in no way constitutes an endorsement by the National Model Railroad Association.

Simple classified ads in column format are available in the "Swap Shop" section. Anyone desiring to buy or sell model railroad items may advertise in the Swap Shop. The Bulletin reserves the right to refuse any ad for any reason whatsoever. Advertisers, please furnish us a street address for our records when using a post office box number in your ad.
"Swap Shop" Classified Rates: 35 cents per word; minimum charge $5. Ad must be typed and payment must accompany the order. No frequency discounts or illustrations. Count all initials, single numbers, name street address, street number, city, state, province, phone numbers as one word each. ZIP code is free. Closing dates for classified ads only: 75 days prior to month of issue. Example: January 15 for April issue.


Regularly appearing departments in the Bulletin include, but are not limited to:

Subscriptions and Back issues

Subscriptions are $22.00 per year and are included with membership dues of $45.00 per year. Back issues are available from the business manager for $4.00 each. Both subscription applications and back issues are available by writing to:
    National Model Railroad Assn., Inc.
    Headquarters office
    4121 Cromwell Road
    Chattanooga, TN  37421, USA
    Phone: +1 423 892 2846
    Fax: +1 423 899 4869

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