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The Official Railway Equipment Register (ORER) is an incredible treasure trove of information about railroad rolling stock, an incomparable resource for both modelers and historians. It lists nearly all the cars used on North American railroads including car numbers and dimensions - inside and out - for rolling stock of all kinds. Our reprint of the January 1953 issue records the rolling stock of a fascinating time in railroad history: the end of the steam age and the beginning of the diesel era. Original copies are hard to find and very expensive. This is your opportunity to own a specially authorized reprint that includes a detailed introduction by noted freight car historian Anthony Thompson on the history of the ORER and tips on how to make the best use of it. This very special edition also includes representative photographs of cars from that era.

Order your copy of the ORER today! This is a limited press run of only 3,000 copies, a portion of which have already been sold.

As of November 2002, the Headquarters still had a supply of these references for delivery. Note, however, that the hard bound edition is already sold out!

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